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Embroidered Greeting Card Making Class 101 - Friday - with Carol Sciarini

Have you ever spent hours trying to find just the right card for a friend or relative? We now have the solution - Embroidery Card Making 101!

Join Carol Sciarini as she guides you through Donna Raufff's techniques and teaches you how to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind personalized cards on an embroidery machine. You will make one card in class, using the kit provided. After that, you'll be ready to pick the perfect designs for each recipient and add the perfect sentiment to make your card giving extra special.  

About Carol

Carol Sciarini has been sewing since the late 60’s, but since September, 2016, she has been an instructor at Chestnut Ridge Sewing in Millersburg, Ohio. Carol’s classes include many types of purses, wallets, totes, and bags. In addition, she teaches a wide variety of machine embroidery classes that includes designs by OESD, Claudia Dinnell, Janine Babich, and Kimberbell. These embroidery classes include table toppers and runners, wall hangings, edge to edge quilting, free standing lace, t-shirts, and now personalized card-making.

Carol is an OESD Certified Embroidery Specialist and attended Kimberbell Academy in Logan, Utah; and most recently she has helped instruct students in serger classes. Carol has been privileged to work with many Bernina educators including Claudia Dinnell, Janine Babich, Sue O’Very, Krista Moser, and Annie Unrein. Due to travel restrictions during the pandemic, Donna Rauff was unable to come to Chestnut Ridge Sewing to teach her card making techniques using the embroidery machine, so Donna granted Chestnut Ridge Sewing and Carol permission to present the classes. Carol has taken additional classes from Donna including the Cards 201 Class, Fringe Frame Greeting Card Class, Sentimentally Yours Card Class, Floral Dimensional Card Class, and the Smaller Greeting Card Class and she has enjoyed teaching all of these as well.

Class Cancellation Policy
Mark your calendar carefully since all admission
and class tickets are non-refundable.
Please send someone in your place 
if you are unable to attend the Festival.

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