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Admission to the Vendor Mall and Quilt Show is
FREE with Paid Class Fee!

Color Confidence with Gerald Schwab - Friday, Sept. 8, 2023

Feeling confident in choosing color and fabric combinations for a quilt is challenging and intimidating for many quilters. 
This class is designed for quilters of all skill levels who want to learn how to use colors effectively to create stunning quilts and develop their own unique style. 

Join artist and quilter Gerald Schwab as he guides you through the principles of color theory, using the color wheel, and how to apply that knowledge to quilting. Gerald will share his tips and techniques for pulling colors from different sources, such as fabrics, nature, and everyday objects, to create harmonious color palettes that bring visual interest to quilts. The class will also focus on developing individual color styles, helping students to explore their own color preferences and create quilts that reflect their personal taste and style.

This will be an interactive class
 in which students will gain a deeper understanding of contrast and value, identify color inspiration in the world around them, and use technology to help in the planning and execution of making their quilts. You will receive a 100-piece pack of 5" squares to use in class and take home so you can continue your color journey!

This class is for anyone who wants to experience color and fabric in a new way. 

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Class Cancellation Policy
Mark your calendars carefully since all admission
and class tickets are non-refundable.
Please send someone in your place
if you are unable to attend the Festival.


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